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This page includes a collection of on-line museums and other World Wide Web services connected with museums in Portugal. 

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 Database about 718 Portuguese museums; You can search by several topics: name, collections, location and services. 

Instituto Português de Museus (IPM). List of 29 museums.

Projecto GEIRA Development of jobs of multiaverage information on the heritage of the north of Portugal. List of 54 museums.

Organizations with activity in the fiel of museums:


Instituto Português de Museus  

Rede Portuguesa de Museus

Associação Portuguesa de Museologia

International Council of Museums - Portugal

Associação Nacional de Municipios

Associação Portuguesa de Arqueologia Indústrial

Cultura Digital


1. Aero Fénix - Museu de Aeronaves Históricas Almargem do Bispo.
 Museum of the Aeronautical Heritage. 

2. Museu  dos Transportes e Comunicações  Porto
 Transports and Communications Museum.

3.  Casa de Mateus Vila Real
This house is considered one of most representative of the Baroque one in the North of Portugal and most characteristic of the Europe.  


4.  Casa Museu Abel Salazar Porto.

Art Museum.  

5.  Casa Museu de Camilo Vila Nova de Famalicão.

Camilo Castelo Branco House.

6.  Casa Museu Manuel Ribeiro de Pavia Pavia.

Art Museum.

7.  Centro Ciência Viva do Algarve Faro. 

Science Center.

8.  Palácio Nacional da Ajuda Lisboa.
Presentation of the National Palace of the Aid, visits of the spaces and temporary displays.

9.  Fundação Arpad Szenes - Vieira da Silva Lisboa.
Spreading and study of the workmanship of painters Arpad Szenes and Vieira da Silva.

10.  Museu Virtual da Informática
Virtual museum of Computer science.

11.  Mamoa de Lamas Braga.
Megalithic Monument.

12.  Museu Abade de Pedrosa Santo Tirso.
Archaeological Museum.

13.  Museu Alberto Sampaio Guimarães.
Art Museum.

14.  Museu Automóvel do Caramulo Caramulo.
Automobiles collections Museum.

15.  Museu Agrícola de Fermentões
Agriculture Museum.

16.  Museu da CP Chaves.
Railway Museum.

17.  Museu da Estratégia Moderna Lisboa.
Museum of modern history .

18.  Museu da Indústria Têxtil Lisboa.
Textile museum of Industry.

19.  Museu da Região Flaviense Chaves.
Epigraphic Museum.

20.  Museu da Sociedade Martins Sarmento Guimarães.
Archaeological Museum.

21.  Museu das Rendas Vila do Conde.
Bilros crochet Museum.

22.  Museu das Transmissões Lisboa.
Museum of the military communications.

23.  Museu Arqueológico de São Miguel de Odrinhas Sintra.
Archaeological Museum.

24.  Museu Leal da Câmara Sintra.
Art Museum.

25.  Casa-Museu Atelier Anjos Teixeira Sintra.
Art Museum.

26. Museu de Arte Moderna Sintra.
Art Museum.

27.  Museu de Cera de Fátima Fátima.
Wax museum of the Fátima miracle. 

28. Museu de Ciência da Universidade de Lisboa Lisboa.
Science Museum. 

29.  Museu de Etnografia e História Povoa do Varzim.
 Ethnographical and Anthropological Museum of the Maritime Community. 

30.  Museu de Lamego Lamego.
Art Museum. 

31. Museu de Marinha Lisboa.
Portuguese Maritime Museum. 

32.  Museu de Olaria Barcelos.
Pottery Museum. 

33.  Museu de Vila Real Vila Real.
Museum of Archaeology and Numismatics. 

34.  Museu de Vilarinho da Furnas Vilarinho das Furnas.
Ethnographical Museum. 

35.  Museu do Abade de Baçal Bragança.
Art, Archaeology and Ethnographical Museum. 

36.  Museu do Ar Alverca.
Military Aviation and Civil Portuguese Museum. 

37.  Museu do Bombeiro Voluntário Manuel Valdés Sobral Viana do Castelo.
Portuguese Firemen Museum.

38.  Museu do Brinquedo de Sintra Sintra.
Toys Museum. 

39.  Museu do Ferro e da Região de Moncorvo Moncorvo.
Mining Museum.

40.  Museu do Mosteiro de Tibães Braga.
Benedictine Monastery. 

41.  Museu do Tesouro da Sé Braga.
Sacra Art Museum.

42.  Museu dos Cordofones Braga.
Musical Instruments Museum. 

43.  Museu Etnográfico do Trajo Algarvio S. Brás de Aportel.
Ethnographical Museum of Algarve.

44.  Museu Hidroeléctrico de Sta Rita Fafe.
Electric Energy Museum. 

45.  Museu do Bombeiro Vila do Conde.
Portuguese Firemen Museum.

46.  Museu Histórico Português Califórnia.
Portuguese Emigrants Museum. 

47.  Museu Municipal Amadeo de Sousa Cardoso Amarante.
Art Museum.

48.  Museu Municipal Armindo Teixeira Lopes Mirandela.
Art Museum. 

49.  Museu Municipal de Baião Baião.
Archaeological Museum.

50.  Museu Municipal de Esposende Esposende.
Archaeological Museum of Esposende. 

51.  Museu Municipal de Paços de Ferreira Paços de Ferreira.
Furniture Museum.

52.  Museu Municipal de Viana do Castelo Viana do Castelo.
Ceramic and Furniture Museum. 

53.  Museu Municipal de Vila Flor Vila Flor.
Archaeological Museum.

54.  Museu S. Pedro da Palhaça Palhaça.
Library of public access, regional historical Archive, Bibliographical Estates and Ethnographical surveys.

55.  Museu Terra de Miranda Miranda do Douro.
Regional Museum. 

56.  Museu Virtual da Imprensa
Virtual Press Museum.

57.  Museu Vivo da Comutação Manual Vila do Conde.
Telecommunications Museum. 

58.  Núcleo Museológico do Lindoso Lindoso.
Medieval Military Castle.

59.  Paços da Seda Macedo de Cavaleiros.
Silk Project in Trás-os-Montes. 

60. Sala-Museu Municipal de Arqueologia de Mogadouro Mogadouro.
Archaeological Museum.

61.  Museu da Ciência e Indústria Porto.
Industry Museum. 

62.  Museu Municipal de Vale de Cambra Macieira de Cambra.
Regional Museum.

63.  Museu Regional de Paredes de Coura Paredes de Coura.
Artistic, archaeological and Ethnographical Museum. 

64.  Museu Regional do Automóvel Fafe.
Automobiles Collections Museum.

65.  Museu Nogueira da Silva Braga.
Art Museum. 

66.  Museu Municipal do Funchal Ilha da Madeira.
Regional Museum.

67.  Museu da Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto Porto.
Art Museum. 

68.  Museu Militar Lisboa.
Military Museum.

69.  Museu Municipal de Portalegre Portalegre.
Museum with a vast collection of Sacra Art, Furniture, Painting, Ceramics of 17 th century, 18 th century, 19 th - 20 th century and other types of Porcelain and Goldsmith. 

70.  Museu Agrícola de Entre Douro e Minho Vairão.
Agriculture Museum.

71.  Casa Museu do Assento Felgueiras.
Agriculture Museum. 

72.  Museu Municipal Dr. Santos Rocha  Figueira da Foz.
Archaeological Museum.


73.  Museu Republica e Resistência Lisboa.
Portuguese Historical Museum. 

74.  Museu da Ribeira Grande S. Miguel Açores
Archaeological Museum. 

75.  Museu de Angra do Heroísmo  Angra do Heroísmo.
Museum of the Discoveries and Art.

76- Museu Pedro Filipe - Vila Nova de Gaia

Pedro Filipe museum


77.  Museu Militar Porto
Military Museum 

78.  Paço dos Duques de Bragança  Guimarães
Historical Museum

79.  Casa Museu José Régio  Vila do Conde
José Régio House 

80.  Museu da Imprensa, Fafe
Press Museum

81.  Museu Nacional de Polícia e Ciencias Criminais , Loures
Objects stolen of public colection 

82.  Museu da CP, Bragança
Railway Museum.

83.  Museu Lusitania Seguros
Museum of the insurance company Lusitania 

84.  Museu do Carro Eléctrico , Porto
Occupying an industrial building in Massarelos, where the former thermo-electric central was installed, the museum’s principal aim is to study, preserve, communicate and exhibit for the public benefit. The permanent exhibition, which can be found in the so called central wing comprises a collection of 16 tramcars, 5 tramcars’ trailers and 2 backup cars used for maintenance work as well as several components – engines, armatures and combining components. It also comprises collections of written documents as well as graphic and iconographic materials. 

85.  Museu Arqueológico do Carmo , Lisboa
Archaeological Museum 

86. Museu de Física da Universidade de Coimbra , Coimbra
Nowadays this Museum houses an unrivalled collection of scientific and didactic instruments from the 18th and 19th centuries. The patrimony consists exclusively of instruments used in the Physics Cabinet of the University of Coimbra since its origin in 1772.
Thanks to its unique characteristics, this collection of instruments is among the most notable and rare in the world. The instruments from the eighteenth century, which equipped one of the most complete Cabinets for the experimental study of Physics, are nowadays considered true art pieces. The instruments from the nineteenth century, in turn, are well representative of the evolution of Experimental Physics along that century. 

87. Aquamuseu do rio Minho , Vila Nova de Cerveira
This is a museum about Minho's river, the fishes, the fisherman (Portuguese and Spanish), it has photographs and expositions concerning the environment surrounding the river.


88. ELA - Estação Litoral da Aguda , Aguda
Museum of the art of fishing. It has an aquarium and an exposition of fishing Portuguese objects. 

89. Museu de Arte Sacra de Arouca , Arouca
Museum of sacred art in the monastery of Saint Marie of Arouca. 

90. Museu Escolar Oliveira Lopes
Museum about the history of teaching in Oliveira Lopes's school , district of Aveiro. 

91. Fundação Dr. António Cupertino de Miranda , Porto
Foundation that has the museum of fiduciary paper and all that is related with paper currency. 


92. Aldeia do Museu de José Franco - Sobreiro
The museum is a reproduction of a village at Mafra in the beginning of the century. 

93. Museu Calouste Gulbenkian , Lisboa
 Oriental and classical art, European art since the XI century to XX century 

94. Fundação de Serralves , Porto
 Modern art museum.

95. Museu da Água , Lisboa
Lisbon's water company has created a museum of the Lisbon's water supping system. It describes all that is related with the supply of the water in the city, information about the aqueduct, electric central and others historical sites.

96. Museu do Instituto geológico e Mineiro
This museum of the mining and geological institute has an important collection about paleontology, archaeology and mining.

97. Museu do trabalho Michel Giacometti , Setubal
This is a museum about the canner food industry in Portugal. 

98. Museu da Vista Alegre
This museum is about the beautiful porcelain made in Portugal since the beginning of the XIX century. This is a well known porcelain all over the world, with fine quality and beautiful stile. 

99. Rede de Museus de Loures
Site with 3 museums in Loures. 

100. Museu de Lanifícios da Universidade da Beira Interior , Covilhã
Museum of woolen manufacture. This is a museum about the woolen manufacture with all the stages of manufacture described in detail. 


101. Museu Nacional Machado de Castro , Coimbra
 Art collections related with sacred art, ceramics, jewelers and painting. 

102. Museu Romântico - Quinta da Macieirinha , Porto
Located in a XIX century building at Porto, this museum is a reproduction of the elite's house in the XIX century in this city. 

103. Casa museu Guerra Junqueiro , Porto
Museum located in a building designed by Nicolau Nasoni and it has collections of sacred arte, jewellery and others subjects. 

104. Museu Dr. José Formosinho , Lagos
Museum of the Lagos city with an exhibition about archaeology and sacred art. It has also an important work collection of our last xylographer. 

105. Museu Municipal de Arqueologia - Albufeira  
Museum with collections about pre-history, roman occupation, Visigotic and Islamic period and modern age.

106 – Casa-Museu Dr. Anastácio Gonçalves – Lisboa

Dr. Anastácio Gonçalves house

107 – Museu do Chiado – Lisboa

Portuguese art

108 – Museu da Música – Lisboa

 Instrumental collections.

109 – Museu Nacional de Arqueologia- Lisboa

Archaeology collection

110 – Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga – Lisboa

It has 7 main collections: Paint, Sculpture, Draws, Gold art, Pottery, Textile, and Furniture. 

111 – Museu Nacional do Azulejo – Lisboa

It has 4 main collections: Glased Tile; Pottery; Graphics documents; Technical instruments.

112 – Museu Nacional dos Coches – Lisboa

Exceptional collection of  royals cars from XVII to XIX centuries.  

113 – Museu Nacional de Etnologia- Lisboa

Ethnology National Museum has important cultural issues. Is has several temporary ethnology shows, not only national, but also international. 

114 – Museu nacional Soares dos Reis- Porto

Soares dos Reis National Museum is the first public museum in Portugal. It was founded in 1833.

115 – Museu Nacional do Teatro - Lisboa

Theatre National Museum was founded in 1979. At present time it has around 300 000 pieces. It has also about 120 000 photos. 

116 – Museu Nacional do Traje – Lisboa

Officially was founded in 1982. It is placed inside Monteiro-mor Palace that was built in XVIII century. There are about 300 costume pieces and about 120 000 photos.

117 – Museu Municipal do Cadaval– Cadaval

It was founded in October 2002 and is the first museum in Cadaval. It is placed in the old Town Hall building. We can find in Cadaval museum some dinosaur fossil, rich archaeology, Cadaval history and several old pictures.

118 – Museu da Electricidade – Lisboa

Visitor can see several electricity engines, objects and ideas.

  119 – Museu Carlos Machado – Ponta Delgada

It replaces old Saint Andre Convent, who was first Ponta Delgada patron saint. This museum goal is to show Azores culture using a rich historical patrimony.

120- Museu João de Deus- Lisboa

João de Deus  museum

121- Exploratório Infante D. Henrique - Coimbra

Place that promotes science and technology 

122- Instituto da História da Ciência e da Técnica - Museu Nacional da Ciência e da Técnica - Coimbra

National museum of science

123-Museu Municipal da Lousã

Local museum

124- Museu Municipal do Bombarral

Local museum.

125- Museu 1917 - Fátima

This museum allows you to understand the meaning of Fatima through dialogues between the Angel, Our Lady ant the Shephards.


126- Museu/Fundação Solheiro Madureira - Aveiro

Madureira house, dedicated his wife


127- O Presépio e a Aldeia de Belém Animados - Fátima

The nativity scene and the village of Bethlehem. A unique work of art in the world.   

128- Aquário Vasco da Gama - Lisboa

The Vasco da Gama Aquarium is a scientific and educational institution, located in Lisbon.


129- Fundação Casa Museu Mário Botas - Nazaré

Mário Botas house


130- Museu Arqueólogico de S.Miguel de Odrinhas - Ericeira

S. Miguel de Odinhas, Archaeological Museum


131- Museu do Teatro Romano - Lisboa

Archaeological Museum


132- Museu Geológico do IGM - Lisboa

Geological and Mining Institute of Portugal - is the governmental agency responsible for geological research of onshore land and continental shelf of Portugal. 


133- Museu Arqueológico de Montemor-o-Novo

Archaeological Museum


134- Museu do Relógio - Serpa

Watch museum


135- Museu Etnográfico de Olivença - Olivença

Ethnographical Museum of Olivença


136- Museu Etnológico de Melo - Gouveia

Ethnographical Museum of Algarve Suit.


137- Museu Nacional do Pão - Seia

National museum of bread



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