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Hagen City Archives

Document from the Judge of the county Limburg, 1492. An example of the treasures of the Hagen City Archives, collected over a 800 years of history.

The main purpose of the archives is to document and research the history of the city of Hagen and the area around. The holdings are being collected, filed and opened to the interested public for research. Taking the number of documents and the area covered into account, the archives of Hagen are one of the largest municipal archives in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The holdings are subdivided in several single collections from different provenances. This heterogeneous composition is grounded in incorporations of smaller cities around since the 19th century - the last being the former city Hohenlimburg to become a part of Hagen in 1975. Several other inventories emerged from private donations, collections of companies or from the "Westfälisches Musikarchiv" and the "Westfälisches Literaturarchiv" (Westphalian Archives of Music and Westphalian Archives of Literature).

Besides a number of services - e.g. copies of older newspapers as gifts or support of scientific research -, the archive is engaged in doing own reaearch on the history of the city and the region. A reading room offers the opportunity to retrieve several databases, e.g more than 15.000 digitized photos and postcards. About 15.000 records are also accessible in the online catalogue via the internet.

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